co-located with ISSRE 2022, October 31-November 3, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


WoSAR 2022

14th International Workshop on Software Aging and Rejuvenation

October 31, 2022

Co-located with ISSRE 2022

33rd IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering

October 31-November 3rd, 2022

After more than twenty-five years of research work in software aging and rejuvenation (SAR), this is the international event to bring together researchers and practitioners involved with the theoretical and experimental aspects of software aging and rejuvenation. As a satellite event of the premier symposium, ISSRE, this workshop aims to provide a unique forum discussing the state of the art and the new challenges in software aging and rejuvenation research, as well as providing a valuable opportunity for establishing collaborations among several research groups interested in this research field.

We invite you to share your ideas and experience with fellow scientists and industry practitioners in the software aging and rejuvenation fields. In addition to the presentations of refereed papers and extended abstracts, there will also be invited talks.

Online Program

Amid the continuing COVID-19 situation, this year WoSAR will be held online. The program this year is composed of 2 keynote invited talks and 7 research papers. All the events will be live.

The details of our one-day workshop program are as follows:

WoSAR 2022 Program

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As a satellite event of ISSRE, the registration process is managed by the ISSRE committee and IEEE. The registration information is available on the ISSRE website.

Organizing Committee

Honorary General Co-Chairs:

Kishor S. Trivedi, Duke University, USA

Tadashi Dohi, Hiroshima University, Japan

General Co-Chairs:

Michael Grottke, GfK SE, Germany

Alberto Avritzer, eSulabSolutions, USA

Program Committee Co-Chairs:

Ricardo M. Czekster, Aston University, UK

Raffaele Romagnoli, CMU, USA

Publication Chair:

Fumio Machida, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Publicity Co-Chairs:

Vasilis Koutras, University of the Aegean, Greece

Junjun Zheng, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Jean Araujo, Federal University of Agreste of Pernambuco, Brazil

Fangyun Qin, Capital Normal University, China

Antonio Ken Iannillo, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Javier Alonso, Amazon, USA

Finance Chair:

Artur Andrzejak, Heidelberg University, Germany

Web Master:

Xiaoting Du, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China


Roberto Natella


Rejuvenation On-The-Go: Addressing Software Aging in Android Mobile Systems


Both our personal experience and research experiments tell us that mobile systems, such as the Android OS, are affected by software aging. Restarting apps or rebooting can address aging, but at the cost of poor user's perception of quality of the mobile device. This talk will present recent work on software rejuvenation for the Android OS, based on measurement-based and micro-rejuvenation techniques, for reducing impact on availability.

Jose Maria Maestre Torreblanca


Software Rejuvenation and Cybersecurity Issues in Model Predictive Control


Model predictive control (MPC) schemes have become a popular choice for multiple applications, including networked control problems. However, schemes have been developed naively, presenting flaws and vulnerabilities that malicious entities can exploit to gain leverage in cyber-attacks. The goal of this talk is to raise awareness about this issue by reviewing the vulnerabilities of MPC methods and surveying defense mechanisms, very particularly Software Rejuvenation (SR). Finally, several possibilities to combine SR and MPC to deal with cyber-security threats will be examined.