2020 Webinar Edition

III Workshop on Formal and Informal Institutions for Growth and Development


2:15 pm Welcome: Agnieszka RUSINOWSKA, Director of the Centre d’Économie de la Sorbonne

2:30 pm Session 1: (Anti-)Social behavior (Chair: Ariell Reshef, CES-Paris 1)

Dominic ROHNER (University of Lausanne): Ballot or bullet: The impact of UK's Representation of the People Act on peace and prosperity

Maria BIGONI (University of Bologna): Economic polarization and antisocial behavior: An experiment

4:15 pm Session 2: Migration (Chair: Mathilde Maurel, CES-Paris 1)

Sergei GURIEV (Science Po): Exposure to transit migration, public attitude and entrepreneurship

Marco TABELLINI (Harvard Business School): Racial diversity, electoral preferences, and the supply of policy: The Great Migration and civil rights


12:30 pm Session 3: Policy session - Institutions and Green Investment

Introduction and moderator: Carine STAROPOLI (Paris School of Economics)

Panelists: Geraldine ANG (OECD), Pedro DE LIMA (European Investment Bank), and Sofia LUNDBERG (Umeå University).

2:30 pm Session 4: Households (Chair: Racha Ramadan, Cairo University)

Salvatore DI FALCO (University of Geneva): Economic shocks and the intergenerational transmission of psychological skills

Jeanne LAFORTUNE (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile): Collateralized marriage

Pauline MORAULT (Université de Cergy-Pontoise): Intergenerational support and parental investment decisions in offsprings: Education and marriage in Indonesia


Attendance: To obtain the link to the Zoom event, interested researchers are invited to register here.

The organizing committee includes researchers from different CES departments: Marie Boltz, Nicolas Canry, Laetitia Duval, Ugo Gragnolati, Olena Havrylchyk, Morgane Laouenan, Hélène Latzer, Michela Limardi, Laurine Martinoty, Mathilde Maurel, Luigi Moretti, Jérôme Valette.