Membership and Dues

What do my dues pay for?

Your annual dues of $10 helps us pay for some of our neighborhood events like the Halloween Parade, the annual picnic, and the holiday party. We also use some of the funds to send our our annual newsletter and to do some maintenance work on the signage on Glenridge Rd. At this point, our budget is rather small, but if we could bring in more of our dues money, then we might be able to afford larger events and improvements.

How do I pay my dues?

Its super easy! You can pay your dues right here on our site or you can send in your money via mail as instructed in your newsletter.

Didn't get a newsletter? You can find digital copies of our old newsletters on our site as well!

Please fill out the following form along with your dues for April 2019-April 2020.

New Option! - Auto Pay your Dues yearly!

Do you forget to pay your dues yearly? Do you want to have your dues pay automatically every year in the spring?Use our subscription button to pay your dues every year without having to remember! Never be late again.