Program Objective

The purpose of the program is to connect an early stage researcher to another researcher who is a few years ahead. What makes this program special is that we try to ensure the small career stage difference between mentors and mentees, which we hope to make mentors more aware of contemporary issues mentees might face and encourage them to work more closely together. Thus, this program aims, not to build a one way guiding relationship, but to foster a ”friendship” that also benefits the mentor. We encourage the mentors and mentees to work closely together through online meetings and arrange in-person meetup at conferences.

Program Details

Want to know what it is like to be in the program? Here are a few things you can work on with your mentor/mentee through regular meetings:

As always, learn from each other!

Program Timeline

The mentoring cycle for our first cohort will run from April 10 to September 22. We encourage interested researchers from all countries to apply. The "Embark Event", "Half-Marathon Event", and "Marathon En"d/ "Graduation Event" will take place virtually.


We are super happy to have you join in! Simply sign up here to become a mentor or mentee before March 29, 2023.


Reach out to us by email or tweet us @WiNS_Society!


Yuhong Echo Liu (University of Bonn, Germany)

Alice Schwarze (Dartmouth College, USA)

*We work to ensure the privacy and safety of both mentees and mentors. Thus, we require everyone’s consent to the following: “agree to keep everything that is said within the mentoring relationship confidential” when filling out the signup sheet. If there is any problem during the program, reach out to us immediately by