About Aikido

A Different Kind...

Aikido is unlike most people's idea of a martial art.

  • It is non-competitive
  • It is not aggressive
  • It does not rely on strength
  • We train with a partner to learn together

What is Aikido?

  • Aikido is martial art for modern times, created by Morihei Ueshiba (O Sensei) who drew on his study of traditional Japanese martial arts
  • The word 'Aikido' means 'the way of harmony'
  • Aikido is a system designed solely for self-defence (as opposed to aggression)
  • Force is never opposed by force: by means of spherical movements, an attacker's force is diverted and turned back upon him
  • Aikido is the most subtle and graceful of the martial arts
  • Since Aikido techniques do not demand physical strength or aggressive spirit, it is practised by people of all ages, including those in their 60s ad 70s

Aikido for Self-Defense

  • Aikido was developed from techniques used on the battlefields of medieval Japan for use against swords and other weapons
  • Because it is based on real skill and not on physical force, it probably takes longer to become an expert, but is is an effective method of self-defence. It is the basis of unarmed techniques taught to police forces around the world
  • Aikido will also help you develop an agile, flexible body and quiet self-confidence