Walled Lake Western

High School

Vocal Music Department

WLW Choirs

The Walled Lake Western choral program strives to provide a place where music skills can be learned and immediately put into practice; where the individual vocal gifts can be developed and understood while developing an appreciation for the body of literature in the choral repertoire. Auxiliary benefits include learning to work as a team and insight into a history that the musical experience can uniquely provide.


The choral program strives to:

  • Perform quality choral literature at the highest possible level.
  • Develop musical literacy and fluency in melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, articulation, phrasing, and tone color.
  • Apply literacy and technique to musical insight, interpretation and style.
  • Foster aesthetic development and appreciation of music as an art form.
  • Develop a professional atmosphere through maximum time efficiency and focus in rehearsal and other settings.
  • Continue the tradition of excellence that has been a part of Western choir down through the years, established by the many fine alumns who have gone on before us.
  • Appropriately represent Walled Lake Western High School and the community.