Currently I am an Assistant Professor for behavioral economics at the economics department of the University of Mannheim.

I obtained my PhD in June 2018 in the doctoral program of the "International Max Planck Research School on Adapting Behavior in a Fundamentally Uncertain World" and the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena. During my 4 years as a PhD student in economics I conducted a research stay at Berkeley, CA hosted by John Morgan (August - December 2016) and a research stay at the University of Zurich hosted by Nick Netzer (Mai- July 2017). I also attended several workshops and conferences (EEA 16/17/18; Games 16; ESA 16/17/18 etc.) during my PhD.

Prior to my doctoral studies in economics I studied business mathematics in Erlangen and Jena (M.Sc. 2014) and philosophy in Erlangen (M.A. 2012).

My research interest is focused around asocial behavior which I study with theoretical and experimental methods. However, I am also very interested in all kinds of data analysis and applied econometrics.

You can download the current version of my full CV HERE