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Below are sessions we've offered in the past. Each session is customizable to your staff's needs and level of expertise.

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Classroom Management With Apple Classroom

Classroom management in the digital age can be challenging to say the least. With an ever growing list of things to compete with, Apple Classroom helps teachers control some of the distractions. We'll explore the main features of Apple Classroom and work through a demonstration of what can be done using the app.

Nearpod For Beginners: What Is It And Why Should You Use It?

Nearpod is an interactive presentation tool that allows teachers to engage all students in their lesson. By enabling all students to follow along and interact with a presentation on their own devices, Nearpod increase engagement. Features include polls with live results, embedded quizzes with realtime formative data, virtual reality field trips, and more! During this session, participants will experience a hands-on Nearpod lesson as a student and end the session by creating their very own Nearpod lesson.

Starting From Scratch: Teaching Coding Without A Coding Background

In this session, we will will take a look at the Scratch programming curriculum and website from MIT and look into ways to teach coding without having a coding background. By utilizing resources and tutorials from various sources, we will analyze the ability to teach a topic without being an expert. We'll also take some time to experience Scratch first hand on multiple platforms.

Minecraft In The Classroom

Explore the world of Minecraft and all of the possibilities it holds for the classroom! We will take a look at tips and tricks for navigating Minecraft worlds as well as applications of this new software in education. No gaming experience needed, just an open mind!

Get Connected: An Introduction To Twitter for Educators

In this session, each participant will walk through how to create a Twitter account. We will look at the basic principles of Twitter including hashtags, tagging another user in a tweet, and how to send a tweet. We will look at some general education hashtags including #edchat, #tlap, #whatisschool, and others as well as some favorite people to follow. We will end the session by participating in a live twitter chat to show how connected educators can be across the world.

Global Education: Connecting Learning Around The World

In this session, we'll explore connecting students from across the globe to create meaningful learning. We will look at both tools and resources to facilitate connections as well as example lessons from a variety of grade levels and content areas.

25 Google Add-ons To Save Your Life

In this session, we will go through the steps of finding and installing Google Add-ons. We will also dive deep into 25 of the most time-saving add-ons for apps such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Chrome, and Google Sheets. Some add-ons in the presentation include: Flubaroo, Grammarly, EasyBib, (G)Math, Geogebra, Goobric, and Chrome Remote Desktop.

Coding for Everyone: How To Start A Coding Program In Any School!

When first starting a coding program or curriculum in a school, it might be difficult to figure out where to start. In this session, learn tips and tricks to get your program off the ground. With resources for classes from kindergarten to high school, this session, just like coding, is for everyone.

Increasing Engagement with Bitmojis!

Increasing Engagement With Bitmojis!

This session explores the use of social media as a way of engaging students. We will dive into the use of apps such as Snapchat, Bitmoji, and others and how they can increase students' interest in topics from a variety of content areas. We will review the logistics of and behavior management for using these apps on smartphones, laptops and desktops.

Powering Up Your PD: Personalized Professional Development

Powering Up Your PD: Personalized Professional Development

In this interactive session, we will dive deep into what it means to be a "connected educator." We will focus on global connections and explore the many social media tools available to connect your professional development with educators from around the globe.

TransFORM Your Lesson Plans With Google Forms!

TransFORM Your Lesson Plans With Google Forms!

In this BYOD, hands-on session, we will review the basics of creating a Google Form and how it can be used to upgrade your lesson plans. We will review quiz options, automatic grading, and feedback options. We will also explore the top add-ons for Google Forms including: formLimiter, Form Notifications, Certify'em, Form Values, and formRecycler.

Skype In The Classroom

Skype In The Classroom

When you think of Skype, you might only think about talking to international friends and family or making a call to someone you haven't seen for awhile in person. In this session, we will break that limitation and explore the possibilities of Skype in the classroom including Mystery Skypes, Phone-A-Pro, and other video conferencing ideas.

Getting Googley In Middle School

Getting Googley In Middle School

In this session, we explore how the G Suite (formerly called Google Apps for Education) can be used in middle schools. We will dive deep into the collaboration used within these apps and how this can be utilized for the unique personalities and abilities found in middle school students. We will also explore behavior management techniques that can be used with technology in middle schools.

BreakOut EDU Training

Breakout EDU is a transformational new way of learning that combines children's natural curiosity and the trend of escape rooms into a vibrant new experience for all involved. In this session, learn how you can amp up your classroom engagement while still maintaining deep and rich connections to your curriculum content.

Safe At School: Supporting LGBTIA Students

Safe At School: Supporting LGBTIA Students

Through case studies and interactive demonstrations, we will assess the lives of LGBTIA students in our schools. We will develop action plans detailing how we will work towards full inclusion. Through exploring resources, we will assess the viability of creating GSA organizations and safe spaces within existing structures in our school communities.

Above are sessions we've offered in the past. Each session is customizable to your staff's needs and level of expertise.

Schedule a free consultation appointment today to discuss your professional learning needs.