DHS WiSTEM Mathalon & STEM Fair

5th Annual Mathalon: Saturday, April 13, 2024, 8:45 AM - 2:30 PM at Davis Senior High School

Registration for the Mathalon is open! If you are interested, please fill out this form. Registration will close on March 29, 2024.

About The DHS Women in STEM Club 

The Women in STEM Club (WiSTEM) at Davis Senior High School is dedicated to building a positive, encouraging environment among a community of aspiring women in STEM at our high school. Since women are underrepresented in many STEM-related fields and professions, we hope to work towards overcoming this through initiatives that encourage more women to discover and pursue their passion for STEM. 

Visit the About DHS WiSTEM page of this website to read more about our club and our activities!

The Mathalon

The Women in STEM Mathalon is a friendly, competitive event with the goal of providing 3rd-8th-grade students with an encouraging environment to demonstrate and discover their prowess in mathematics, and to inspire them to continue and further their passion for it. The math competition consists of individual and team math tests, designed to encourage problem solving and collaboration.

Currently, girls suffer from an especially notable gender gap in mathematics, in both school and extracurricular math studies. This is due to both negative stereotypes affecting girls in math, along with a perceived lack of other girls in mathematical communities, leading to a recurring cycle where girls are discouraged from pursuing math by the absence of peer groups. Through the WiSTEM Mathalon, we hope to help overcome the gender gap in mathematics by attracting girls across the region to gather and compete in a positive environment full of like-minded peers, creating an environment where students can interact with and inspire each other to continue pursuing and developing their passion for math.

The STEM Fair

We created the STEM Fair to showcase the diverse fields in STEM to Mathalon participants and their families. STEM organizations from Davis Senior High School and UC Davis lead booths with interactive demonstrations and activities. For a list of the organizations that will be joining the STEM Fair this year, please visit the STEM Fair page of this website.

The STEM Fair will take place after the math competition and pizza lunch. Families, siblings, and friends of participants are welcome to come to the STEM Fair and the subsequent awards ceremony.


All 3rd-8th graders are welcome to participate! No competition experience is necessary.