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If you need help

If you are in a crisis situation, please call 911 or you can call or text the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255.

If you have a drug problem and need help, call an NA helpline close to home. If you're in the San Fernando Valley, call (818) 997-3822. Our regional helpline can help you find meetings throughout LA and Orange Counties, as well as in the High Desert and Eastern Sierras. The Southern California Region's helpline numbers are as follows:

English: 800-TODAYNA | 800-863-2962

Espanol: 888-NAAHORA | 888-622-4672

If you've accessed this website from outside Southern California, click here to search for NA helplines and websites in your neck of the woods.

Getting & staying in touch with Wild Recovery SoCal

Wild Recovery SoCal on Facebook

Our private Facebook group may be the easiest way to stay informed about upcoming hikes, including ones that members coordinate separately from our regular meetings. We've set the security settings to Ninja in order to in order to protect members' anonymity. This makes it impossible to find our FB group unless you're in it, and it won't appear on your FB profile. It may be private, but it's not secret or exclusive. Just let us know if you want join. Any FB friend that's in the group can add you. Once you're in, you can add others.

Other ways to stay in-the-know about Wild Recovery SoCal

Our group is part of the San Fernando Valley Area of Narcotics Anonymous. We participate in the SFV Area Service Committee and are listed in their meeting directory. Flyers detailing the specifics of each hike and meeting are listed on the SFV calendar. The group's trusted servants can be reached by email at

Learn more about Narcotics Anonymous

Visit Narcotics Anonymous World Services online to learn more about our program. You can also search for NA meetings, helplines, and websites, order NA literature, download or subscribe to periodicals, and much more.