About us

Wild Recovery SoCal is a group of addicts who have found a new way of life in Narcotics Anonymous. We meet in beautiful settings in and around Los Angeles on the second Saturday of each month to share the message of recovery.

A group member acts as a host for each of our hikes. The hosts get to be shot caller--they pick the park or preserve, scout out the trail, determine a spot for a meeting, line up a leader/speaker, and get us started at the trailhead with the Serenity Prayer at 9:00 AM.

We tend to spread out on the trail, but wait for everyone to arrive at the meeting site to begin our 60-minute speaker/discussion meeting near the halfway point of the hike. Walking and talking with others before and after the meeting is very much part of the Wild Recovery experience. We try to balance our personal preferences with the needs of the group. This may mean that faster hikers pause to let others catch up from time to time and that those who hike at a slower pace try to keep their breaks short, knowing that the meeting waits for their arrival.

The group tries to schedule some hikes that challenge our more seasoned members and some hikes that the average NA member can enjoy. Most of our hikes fall somewhere in between; they’d be considered “moderate” by an avid hiker. A reasonably fit person will likely be able to keep up with the group and not suffer too much the following day.

Please note that these outdoor meetings are held rain or shine. See “Know before you go” and come prepared. We hope you'll find, as we have, that the beauty of nature, the opportunity to hike with other recovering addicts, and the chance to discover great trails in our own backyard make Wild Recovery SoCal a special gift.

The original Wild Recovery group hails from San Jose, California. They've been meeting and hiking since 1999. They generously shared their experience, strength, and hope with us and basically taught us everything we know. We are forever grateful.

If you're interested in starting a hiking meeting of your own, we'll tell you what our NorCal fellows told us: Originality is overrated under these circumstances. Feel free to take and use anything here that you find useful.