Wildflowers Wave Rock WA

Wildflower tours at Wave Rock, Hyden Western Australian in the heart of the Wheatbealt.

Wildflowers Western Australia

Wildflowers Wave Rock and surrounding districts have got to be the most beautiful natural setting wildflowers in Western Australia.

Wave Rock Wildflower Tours

Most of the Australian wildflower photos on this website were taken by Western Australian wildflower photographer and expert wildflower tour guide Sheengah Collins who's based in the town of Hyden in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. She knows where, when and what wildflowers to look for. As one of the best wildflower experts in Western Australia, she knows the common names and botanical names of WA wildflowers. Below is a photo of Sheengah Collins taking a photo of wildflowers on her farm near Hyden.

 Wave Rock air-conditioned wildflower tour bus

The Wave Rock air-conditioned wildflower tour bus.

Wildflower tour group near Wave Rock

Tourists from Perth and Japan on a wildflower tour near Wave Rock.

Sheengah Colins photographing wildflowers near Wave Rock, Hyden Western Australia.
 Wild flower tour group stops off to feed tame cattle at Sheengah Colins' farm near Wave Rock

This small wild flower tour group stops off to feed tame cattle at Sheengah Colins' farm near Wave Rock.


While seeing the Wildflowers near Wave Rock, checkout the world famous, interesting monolithic rock in the shape of a giant wave. Climb Wave Rock and see other interesting big rock formations near Wave Rock.

Some of the orchids near Wave Rock include; Spider orchids, Donkey orchids, Bee orchids, Cowslip orchids, Ant orchids, Dragon orchids , and different Sun Orchids.