ABOUT Western Australian Wildflowers Website


This website is owned and produced by Ben Grummels. It is about:

  1. My appreciation of flowers and Western Australian wild flowers.
  2. My appreciation of the kind hospitality presented to my family by Sheengnah Collins at Hyden and the fabulous wildflower tours she presented.

The photo below is of my son Jon among wild flowers at the Tropic of Capricorn on a camping trip back from Coral Bay to Perth.

The photo above is of exotic red flowers I photographed in the jungle near our home in Thailand. See Map of Thailand.

Below is a photo of Australian red poppies which pop up naturally in my Trigg Beach backyard garden in Spring. The soil is very sandy. The lack of water retaining clay means it's very difficult to grow vegetables but the flowers grow well.


Keep in mind that while growing and picking cultivated wildflowers on private property is legal, it is ILLEGAL to pick or export natural wildflowers in Western Australia from any other place than private property. This includes Western Australian outback wild flowers and wildflower hotspots like Kings Park Botanical Gardens and near Wave Rock.