Wildflowers Western Australia

Wildflower tours Western Australia. See the most exotic beautiful wildflowers in Australia.

Many of Australia's best wildflower tours start in Perth, the capital city of the big state of Western Australia. During the wildflower season in Western Australia most towns in regional Western Australia also offer wildflower tours by wildflower tour guides with local knowledge of where the best wildflowers are. Tourist can book a flight or bus to a Western Australian town and then go on a wildflower tour.


When and where are the wildflower best Spring month dates in Western Australia?

Dates of wildflower season months in Western Australia start in the month of August in the north of Western Australia. Wildflower season end date Western Australia is in the month December when wildflowers in the south of the WA dry out.

In the early months of the wildflower season August/September, go to the north of the Western Australian wildflower season. In the middle months of the wildflower season, head east of Perth to wildflower hot spots like Wave Rock. For late wildflowers season months in Western Australia including November/December, go to the south of Western Australia.


Most of the photos of outback Western Australian wild-flowers were taken near Wave Rock, Hyden Western Australia, 4 hours drive east of Perth WA. Most wildflowers in Western Australia blossom in spring. Head to the northwest of Western Australia to catch the first blooms of wildflowers. On a trip from Coral Bay to Perth, the desert was covered in a carpet of yellow and white wildflowers.

Wildflowers near the tropic of Capricorn MidWest Western Australia.
Pink Western Australian wildflowers.

If you're late to arrive in Western Australia for the wild flower season months of September to November, head south. Places like Wave Rock are so popular with older Western Australian tourists travelling to see their local wildflowers because bus fares for pensioners are provided free by the Western Australian government for holders of the Seniors Card. The organised, guided wildflower tours near Wave Rock are excellent. Expert wildflower tour guides take tourists to different, spectacular fields of wildflowers. At the same time tourists can experience the world famous local tourist attraction of Wave Rock and the wheat, sheep and cattle farms of the Hyden district in the WA Wheatbelt. The important thing is to remember to bring your camera. The lighting during wildflower season is excellent on mostly cloudless days so even a good mobile phone camera can take great wildflower photos.

Western Australian Wildflowers


Keep in mind that while growing and picking cultivated wildflowers on private property is legal, it is ILLEGAL to pick or export natural wildflowers in Western Australia from any other place than private property. The picking of wildflowers ban includes Western Australian outback wild flowers and wildflower hotspots like Kings Park Botanical Gardens and near Wave Rock.