Startup Framework


Here you can find some in-house support material, which will allow you to get started and extend you skills to use the Startup Framework for HubSpot. Please note that this is all in BETA.

Build a page in 2 min

This is the fastest way to learn how to build a page with the Start-up Framework.

A quick overview

Get a quick overview of the Startup Framework in this 10 minute video.

Framework yes or no?

Get some insight into designmodo and decide if the Startup Framework (or any template really) is a good options for your website or not.

The Making Of..

In this 50 minute video you'll get to look behind the scenes and discover how to build a full page using the the Startup Framework. This example uses the real Framework landing page as a real-live example.

Working with HubDB

In this 2 min video you get a quick introduction to Hubspot's HubDB and how to access and use it with The Startup Framework.

How to setup a HubSpot developer account

In this short video, you will get an instruction of how to setup a HubSpot developer account to use The Startup Framework to create your awesome website. Apart from that, you will learn more about the difference between a developer, designer, trial and regular account.

Main steps:

1. Go to and sign up with a new email address.

2. Check your inbox and click on the button in the mail from HubSpot.

3. Define a new password and click on "Save changes".

4. You are forwarded to the developer account dashboard where you need to click on Test Portals.

5. Create a new test portal by click on Start testing and naming it in the opened menu.

6. Use the developer account and this test portal to sign in for the BRIX editor.

Get Support

The Startup Framework for HubSpot is currently in beta. Check out our in-house learning docs that are built to help you along your journey. Visit the beta support page here.

Connect on Slack

At InboundLabs we are quite the Slack addicts. We have created a Slack team that brings you real time support. Click here to create a bridge between our teams.

Profesional Services

We have helped dozens of companies run professional implementations of single landing pages to full sites using the Startup Framework. Interested in learning more about our services? Click here. *NEED TO LINK THIS TO TRIGGER OUR MODAL. Same as Click here in footer*

Build another page

Need to build another page? No problem, it's free. Just go back to BRiX (the app you used to build this page) and build another one. Start again here!

About the Startup Framework

Designmodo developed the acclaimed Startup Framework. We adopted it to work natively on HubSpot. Now it allows HubSpot marketers, designers and developers to create HubSpot pages and websites quickly and easily.

Startup Framework

The Startup Framework is a collection of HTML, CSS and PSD files designed and developed by Design Modo. The unique combination of these components and how they fit together, allow developers to rapidly create customized web pages and adapt them to the look and feel of their company.

Design Modo

Designmodo is one of the most popular design and web development blogs in the world. It covers tutorials, design trends, coding, tips, freebies as well as inspirational posts. The blog is a great resource for both beginners and advanced designers looking to expand and improve their knowledge. The site is visited by companies and is used as a reference by many design and coding schools.


InboundLabs is a HubSpot platinum partner that has built hundreds of websites for customers including 500 Startups, university of Berkley and Expedia. InboundLabs translated designmodo's Startup Framework to work natively on HubSpot.