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顏毅廣老師所帶領的智慧生醫化學感測系統實驗室 (WiBCSS) 專注於研發針對生醫與化學應用的智慧感測系統、以及結合分子控制半導體晶片技術、微流體、薄膜技術及智慧製造技術。我們特別著重於開發可以提供快速、靈敏、簡單且便宜的創新檢測系統平台以及環境監測平台。我們的研究多元且跨領域,涵蓋力學、智慧製造、奈米科技、化學、醫學、電子與控制。目前一些進行中的研究題目列於 Research 網頁中。

WiBCSS Lab is leaded by Prof. Yen Yi-Kuang. We are focusing on the research and development of intelligent sensing systems for biomedical and chemical applications, which are the combination of molecular controlled semiconductor chip technology, microfluidics, thin film technology and intelligent manufacturing technology. We are especially interested in developing fast, sensitive, easy-to-use, inexpensive and innovative detection system and environmental monitoring platform. Our research is diverse and multidisciplinary, including mechanics, wisdom manufacturing, nanotechnology, chemistry, medicine, electronics and control technology. Some of the ongoing research topics are listed on the Research page.

*** 徵求 研究生、專題生 加入我們的研究團隊 ***

請洽 顏 毅 廣 老師 (E-mail: ykyen@mail.ntut.edu.tw)




研究室::#2030,實驗室: #4834

709-1, ME NTUT, No.1, Sec. 3,

Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist.,

Taipei City 10608, Taiwan

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