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Westerton Foodbank Collection Point - December 2018

From Niall's recent post on the Westerton Facebook page:

"Hello all,

I'm disgusted we live in a society where we even have to do this but last year over 9000 people needed the use of a foodbank in NW Glasgow alone. This is nearly 4x the population of Westerton! With the roll-out of Universal Credit in Glasgow by December 2018 resources have been stretched even more, especially in the run up to Christmas. I have been delighted to see the work of the nursery, Boclair Academy and others in this regard and feel we as a Community could do our bit to help. Currently, there is no collection point in Westerton. Research has shown that the more local the donation point the more likely people are to donate. I had asked the council if I can place a collection point in the hall but apparently, it was a fire hazard... 🙈

Therefore I've put one at the end of our drive at 31 Stirling Avenue (G61 1PD) as a temporary measure until we get something more permanent. This will support our local Glasgow NW foodbank, part of The Trussell Trust network (

Would be great if we could have a few more donation points (especially up the hill) if anyone wants to volunteer their green bin or welcome to any other ideas!

I have attached a list of things that are most in need. In order for food to be delivered in time for Christmas donations need to be in for the 15th.

We will also be accepting cash donations if you prefer securely online at:

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Let's show once again how great we are as a Community"

Update: 11th December 2018:

"... Just had the pleasure of dropping off A QUARTER OF A TONNE of food at Glasgow NW Foodbank this afternoon. A massive thank you to all who have donated, A special thanks has to go to the fine people of Westerton Church who helped with a massive drive on Sunday!

Our work is not done and I plan on making another few drop-offs before Christmas so will gladly accept any more donations at our two donation points ( I was shocked to see how busy the food bank was with queues going all the way out of the door, especially with young families. We really need as much help as we can get!

The things they're most in need of are:

• Tin of cold meat • Shortbread • Tin opener • Shloer • UHT Milk • Sugar • Shampoo • Hot Chocolate • Diluting Juice • Tinned Fruit • Deodorant • Tinned Fish • Rice Pudding

• Shower Gel • Tea Bags • Custard • Razors • Tinned Vegetables • Biscuits • Baby Wipes • Pasta Sauce • Tinned Tomatoes • Cleaning Products • PJs • Christmas Gifts/Decorations


Map of Foodbank collection points in Westerton - here:

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