Supporters of Westerton Library

Supporters of Westerton Library

The Supporters of Westerton Library (SWeL) is a formally constituted group of local residents, volunteering their time to support our local library, in Westerton - East Dunbartonshire. Our aims are to encourage and support use of this important, inclusive local amenity - and to provide help in organizing events, talks, fund-raising and other activities which are directed to support the use and continued presence of the Library - for the positive benefit of all ages and sectors of the Community.

"Off The Shelf" Events - Westerton Library - Mondays 6.30pm-7.30pm

A series of Talks by Local Westerton People - in Westerton Library.

  • 25th March 2019 - "The Life of Reilly" - A photographic Journey by photographer Alex Reilly.
  • 1st April 2019 - "The Spanish Influenza Pandemic in Scotland" - by James Kennedy.
  • 8th April 2019 - "The Story of the GlenLee: Glasgow's Tall Ship" - by Alex Anderson
  • 15th April 2019 - "Geologic Notes" - by visual artist Ilana Halpern
  • 13th May 2019 - "Romans were here" - Peter McCormack
  • 20th May 2019 – "History of Forth and Clyde Canal"

WATCH THIS SPACE for exciting upcoming EVENTS !

  • 3rd June – "Flora MacDonald and the Jacobites" - Barbara Graham, 1745 Society. (There will be a collection of donations for Marie Curie)
  • 10th June – "Badger River" - The Story of the River Clyde Badgers - John Darbyshire and Lawrie Tierney
  • 17th June - "Murder Most Foul" - a talk by M.A.Duffy on writing a crime novel.

FREE (but limited number) of Tickets will available to pick up at Westerton Library.

Bookbug Sessions at Westerton Library!

3rd May until 28th June 2019 - Bookbug Toddler (0-36m) - Weekly on a Friday 10:15 - 10:45am

This session is run by EDLC - see the events page for booking details.

NEXT MEETING of SWeL (Supporters of Westerton Library) Group:

Committee meeting : Date tbc

Please get involved. Help Use, and help Save our wonderful Library!

The Threat of Closure of our Library

In early November 2018, it was revealed that there was a proposal by EDLC to close Westerton Library. EDLC (East Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust) is a council-owned organisation, which operates cultural services including libraries. Its board voted to close three village libraries (Westerton, Lenzie and Milton of Campsie) as part of cost-saving efforts across the East Dunbartonshire authority area.

Link to Minutes of EDLCs 31 Oct 2018 Board Meeting here.

Why should we keep the Library?

Some would argue that in these days of internet-downloads, e-readers and the like, libraries have less relevance. This couldn't be further from the truth:

  • The Library is a necessary resource for the many disabled, elderly and low-income people who are socially and digitally marginalized, struggling to access increasingly online essential services. (Was ~20% of the population in 2016).
  • Where are local children going to go to find new books?
  • Where will their parents take them when it’s cold, dark and wet in winter and the TV’s been on too much?
  • Where will local toddlers go for story time sessions?
  • Where will local teenagers go to do their homework after school?
  • Where could you go to print important forms, documents or travel papers from internet/computer, if you don't have printer - or yours is broken?
  • What about computers? For people who don’t have easy access to a computer, tablet, smartphone or the internet at home, libraries are a place where you can read the news, apply for a job and do online banking. These are the hardest hit by closure.

Reading is important. A love of books sets children up for life. Libraries are crucial as a gateway to the world of fiction, imagination and fostering a love of learning, as well as a place where kids, adults and the elderly can go to get expert librarian help and guidance to find answers to questions, look things up on the internet and reference books, and discover new interests.

If you feel strongly about this issue - please write to all your local Councillors

(for Councillors and others' email addresses see links below)

  • The Library is an essential amenity for residents of Westerton and a key local Community focal point.
  • Active travel routes between Westerton /Colquhoun and the Bearsden "hub" were not included in the EDC active travel survey nor strategy. Bearsden can't be described as a "hub" if the spokes are missing!
  • Boclair students just had a 4 month cut in library services due to an unfilled librarian post. Our children are already suffering educationally from lack of Library support in other areas, and closure may disadvantage other vulnerable groups.
  • Many experts agree that local public Libraries tackle social isolation and support mental health and well-being. Libraries are vital to improving literacy, and make an important contribution to reducing inequality in the community.
  • EDLC's case of low footfall is partly due to fact that Westerton Library's opening hours have diminished so much, that many people, in particular working adults and parents have little opportunity or time to visit. Footfall could be increased a lot, with support and ideas from the community. Give you feedback to EDLC via the links below.

Your views are important - results of the recent survey here.

If you missed the online survey, and wish to give further feedback, please feel free to use this form

What can I do to help?

Firstly, let your friends, neighbours, and others be aware of these plans before it's too late. Get the word out!

Secondly, JOIN the Library, if you haven't already! Borrow some books. You might even discover some new authors or new interests. Use it and support it!

Thirdly, email/write to all of your East Dunbartonshire Councillors. These are the ones which will vote on proposal decision by the full Council at a meeting.

State your concerns and ask your Councillors to represent you and vote against a closure.

Local Councillors (East Dunbartonshire Council - Ward 3 - Bearsden South):

Write to your local MSPs and MP too!

MSP: (constituency) Rona Mackay (SNP) - email

MP: Jo Swinson (Lib Dem) - email

MSPs: (West Scotland Regional List)

Fourthly, look to get involved to help your local support group. They are on social media, such as Facebook - use this link, or search for "Supporters of Westerton Library". Contribute your views and thoughts on what we can do to secure the library's future. Alternatively, Campaign Group can be reached at:

EDLC themselves invite comments, feedback and suggestions on their own site at this page. Please give them your views!

Do you have any particular expertise, skills or contacts that might help with the campaign? Every little helps!

Please help support your local Library!

  • JOIN (library and supporters)
  • SAVE (write to all your Councillors, preferably before next council meet on Dec 20th). State your concerns and ask your Councillors to represent you and vote against a closure.
  • IMPROVE (use supporters Facebook, give library feedback to say what would make the library work for you).

Your support will make the difference!

Would recommend having a look at the CILIPS site. CILIPS are an organisation that represent Scotland's library and information professionals.

In particular, worth reading about the #LibrariesMatter campaign:

Westerton Library - Online Survey (November/December 2018) - Detailed Results -

There are more links to articles and information on our Links Page

If you wish to contact the Westerton Library Supporters Group by email, the address is:

We have a committee of 14 people. The first committee meeting was on 25th February at the library at 6.30pm. We will be holding regular meetings, and we aim to address a number of actions that came out of the public meeting and keep you posted on our progress. All of the Community are welcome to come along and contribute support, and make your views known.

Westerton Library Opening Hours - Monday, Tues,Thurs, Friday