Extended Play - Once Again

In 2018 our first EP »ONCE AGAIN« was recorded at Arstaberg Studios by Håkan Sörle (The Baboon Show). Through music we have found our own anchor and the result of this is “Once Again''. The EP is a statement against a cruel world and supports a peaceful and empathic mindset.

"Religion Punkrock" is a motivating statement to describe our way of life. The punk scene is a place for us where we found ourself and we manifested our individual kind of home. The song "Religion Punkrock" and also "Story Of A White Man" have the same message. We are against racism and facism and any other cruel mindsets. The song "Story Of A White Man" describes the way of a young and lost boy. Sadly he chose a wrong way of life and followed a right-wing extremist way. "My Closest Person" gets into your heart with powerful main riffs. It describes to growing up with some difficulties and deals with the big task of taking responsibility about the people who need care and love. Finally the fourth song "Down At The Shipyards" describes everybody's personal way to find your personal musical idols, who make music from the bottom of their hearts. In fact it's important for us to spread good thoughts and to share hope and joy with our music. Did you already listen to it? The EP is available on all known digital platforms.

Live in Weinheim with Rantanplan

Story About Westdead

In 2016 Westdead was founded in Munich with Björn on vocals and guitar, Alex on vocals and guitar, Franzi on vocals and bass and Henrik on vocals and drums.

The four friends came together through endless Jam Sessions and combined their different musical backgrounds to play their personal style of music called Heartfelt Punkrock. The songs deal with everyday problems like separation and the chase of freedom in a chaotic and strenuous world but also the magic when friendship becomes a kind of family and how love and cohesion can make you fulfilled. In a chaotic 21st century in which life seems unilateral and everybody fights for his own independence, Westdead stands for a humanistic and peaceful state of mind in which people need to be empathic and should stick together instead of being narcissistic tyrants. Westdead has played live very early supporting bands like Bambix, Moscow Death Brigade, The Creepshow, Caves, Rantanplan, Argies and Don´t.

The four friends would describe their kind of art: "Music is like a positive addiction and a very good friend.", "For all of us, music has become a lifesaver and a kind of therapy to get rid of everyday problems." or "Making music can give you a home and a family in a world that seems lost.”