»Wrong Record Side«

»Wrong Record Side« deals with a personal experience of life, which many people can relate with. If a beloved person leaves, you can easily get lost in your search for individualism and personal peace. Music and the friends you are creating your art with, can be your first address to feel like home again.

Ten songs and 31 minutes about the loss of the first big love, the mistreatment involved and how painful your path of getting older can be. The record tells a story of a more and more gloomy and destabilized world, which is desperately in need of a safe haven. »Wrong Record Side« expresses that feeling to everyone who is sometimes lacking a family. Spontaneous jam sessions in an artistic and musically unattractive city eventually formed the band WESTDEAD, which is fused together for about six years by now. Through their art the four strangers turned their relationship into a deep and heartfelt friendship - a family even - with their musical connection as a main link. Everyone is affected through a lot of different positive and negative moments in their lives. The background stories and the processing of these build the foundation of their lyrics and music. WESTDEAD impresses with extremely powerful guitar riffs, creating a lot of energy - you can really sense their roots in punkrock. Catchy vocal phrases and melodies, creative bass-lines, simple and punchy drums, as well as atmospheric and melodic - sometimes creepy even - lead-guitar licks round off the whole concept of the band - Heartfelt Punkrock. WESTDEAD is ready to spread a piece of their love, friendship and family with their audience on various shows and festivals.

Left to right: Björn (Guitar), Franzi (Bass), Henny (Drums), Alex (Guitar)


We came together through endless jam sessions to create Heartfelt Punkrock with a combination of our different musical backgrounds. We write about daily problems like separation and the chase of freedom in a chaotic and demanding world. In a seemingly selfish 21st century, WESTDEAD stands for a humanistic and peaceful state of mind. We encourage people to be empathic and stick together. Space for neither egoism nor narcism. We believe in the magic when love and solidarity shape friendships into family.

WESTDEAD supported bands like Bambix, Moscow Death Brigade, The Creepshow, Don´t, Rantanplan, Argies, Caves etc.