Executive Board

Executive Board:

The Executive board is the Association body through which general administrative and executive functions are carried out. The Association board is tasked with leading our members to be a strong, unified body with a goal of advocacy for our education system.


Monika Christensen

Vice President:

Jenaia Johnson


Rosemary Wulf


Kim Anderson

High School Rep:

Jake St. John

Middle School Rep:

Tracey Thompson

Alternative School Rep:

Brian Herling

Elementary Rep:
Rosie Gonsalez

Elementary Rep:
Eva Martinez

Bargaining Team:

The Bargaining Team consists of the lead bargainer and three to four additional bargainers chosen for their ability to effectively represent the membership and grade levels through contract negotiations.

Lead Bargainer:

Monika Christensen


Eva Martinez


Suzanne Gladsjo


Dawn McCormick