Card Renewal

What do you need for your card renewal?

Medical marijuana cards are valid for one year!

We strongly recommend sending in your renewal application a month and a half prior to the expiration date.

In the state of Montana it can take up to five weeks for DPHHS to process your request.

For your renewal, you will need:

A Montana state ID/Driver’s license

Your expired card

Signed physician statements from previous year if applicable.

We can help you gather the forms and documentation needed to ensure a smooth renewal process.

We will provide all necessary documentation and prepare your renewal application in our office!

Then all you need to do is check in with your provider to finish up the application process. All applications are not submitted electronically through the state website. Once you on on the homepage of the Montana Medical Marijuana Program, you will click the link on the lefthand side of the page, ONLINE APPLICATION- COMPLIA. If you need assistance with your online application, your provider should be able to help you. If you are a self provider and need assistance, one of our office staff members would be glad to assist you as well.

That information can be found here.

To schedule a renewal appointment, you can click the scheduling link, or call us at: 406.589.5516