Frequently Asked Questions

If you are cultivating or manufacturing marijuana for your own use and the property where this marijuana is cultivated or manufactured is rented or leased, a completed Landlord Permission Form must also be included.

  • Incomplete application packets will be returned with explanation.

Applications are processed in the date order received. (All mail received in one day is completed before going on to the mail that was received the next day.) The processing time between when an application is received and when a card is mailed out is determined by the number of applications received. Once all completed application material is received, cards will be printed and mailed. An individual is not considered a valid cardholder until the Montana Marijuana Program card is in their possession.

Registered cardholder’s cards expire on the expiration date printed on the card. Cards are valid for one year unless a shorter time period is specified by the doctor on the physician statement form. Cardholders must carry their registry card with them at all times, along with a picture ID.

A severe chronic pain diagnosis requires using a physician’s form for a severe chronic pain diagnosis. This form is available on the website at

The requirements are:

  1. The registered cardholder’s doctor must state that the pain is persistent and severe and can be proven by necessary and relevant x-ray, MRI or other diagnostics; OR
  2. A second physician may confirm the severe chronic pain diagnosis, after performing a physical exam if the registered cardholder’s first physician did not order diagnostic testing.

Local law enforcement will be notified of the names of providers in their jurisdiction. No other information will be given to law enforcement.