How to Boost Testosterone Levels Effectively and Safely?

Testosterone levels rise and fall through the day and with age the production of testosterone-the male hormone, becomes really low and this situation is called “andropause”. Decrease in production of testosterone leads to persistent fatigue, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, low libido and many more.

Is There a Way to Stop it?

One would love to bathe in the fountain of youth to restore their virility but there is a minute problem- it does not exist. There is no way to stop the clock from ticking. Age decreases As it goes on increasing but you can certainly decelerate the process.

#Get a Proper Good Night Sleep

Sleeping less than 7-9 hours can be detrimental to your sexual health. Researches have shown that there is direct link between sleep time and testosterone levels. If you sleep less than recommended, the decline of testosterone could be as much as 60%. Take your sleep seriously.


Okinawa (an island in Japan) has more than 1000 men and women who have lived up to the age of 100 and more! Compared to an average American, both the sexes there have a higher level of sex hormones. As a result, they have high libidos, energy levels, bone density and lead a healthy sex life. The secret behind there long and healthy life is their diet. The diet consists of consuming healthy fats, legumes, beans, vegetables and very little of sugar, dairy and dairy products.

#Sun Light Therapy

It is a well-known fact that sunlight is good for your mental health. It makes you happy. Lack of sunlight/ rains are bound to make you depressed. That is why it is suggested that you wear brighter clothes when it is pouring. It will lift your spirits. But let's not digress from the topic. Researchers from University of Helsinki have come to a conclusion that regular exposure to sunlight can boost your testosterone levels up to 160%."People can also top up their levels of vitamin D by eating more foods like oily fish such as salmon, trout or mackerel."

#Intermittent Fasting

This fasting technique can increase testosterone levels by nearly 200% to 400%. Intermittent fasting means that you skip the breakfast and have all your meals in a span of mere 6 hours. You eat at noon, then at 3 pm and last meal at 6 pm. This way your liver is able to get proper rest which is responsible for balancing your hormones.

#Testosterone Boosters

You can also taking some best natural testosterone boosters like Hyperion Male Formula Testosterone Booster. It is a natural testosterone-boosting supplement that promotes bodybuilding in males. It has no side-effects as it is manufactured using natural and biological ingredients. It lifts stamina and energy levels to give an outstanding performance in both bed and the gym.

#Cold Showers

There are multiple benefits of cold shower. Taking a cold shower can increase your mental alertness, improve your hair and skin quality, releases stress. Heat is a testosterone killer. So, taking a cold shower would reduce the temperature of your balls and hence improve your sperm's quality and motility.

Final verdict

These effective tips shall certainly help you to rise to the occasion and if it tests your patience then give it time and don't be so harsh upon yourself.