Friends of Wellington Park

More Details on our various web appear under the menu items at the top of the page. Area records & History provides details of our work within different areas of the park and Projects & Reports provides reports and other details on the various projects mostly relating to grant funds, plus our annual reports .

Below is the blog pages link and a one for the general information on the group, both can be viewed by clicking on the images


Future Events

Events and working bee information scheduled for coming months has now been moved to this page

The report of the 2018 activities

This report along with some photos is on this page.

Below is the site where the group events are available to read. It includes scrolling on the side and each individual image or topic can be clicked to read the details.

Gives a run down of the various actions taken over the years on a site by site basis. Click the heading above to visit the site

Effectively a history of the group, but it does not hold all the past actions at this stage. it is a work in progress