Wellbeing through Art & Yoga CIC

Who are we: WAY CIC was founded in Southampton in 2023 by three local women who are keen to make a difference to the wellbeing of their community through their developed skills, experiences and practices in yoga and art.  We are a not-for-profit community interest company that is passionate about supporting individuals and communities in our region.

We saw that there were rising levels of mental and physical health issues in our community and that there was a chronic underfunding of health and social care services locally and nationally.  We wanted to bring the well-researched mental and physical health benefits of art and yoga to communities that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access them.  

We know from lived experience how helpful these practices are and recognised that there are many groups and individuals within our community who are prevented from accessing them for a variety reasons. The many barriers to participation include financial, cultural, social and geographical.  We established WAY cic as a means to address this. Recognising that art and yoga are not always accessible to all communities we aim to bridge the gaps by offering free classes, going to the communities, having and an open and friendly approach and a pre-meet and greet service. 

Our mission: is to increase the accessibility of the health, wellbeing, and social benefits of art and yoga to a diverse range of communities and individuals within the Southampton area.  

This would include, yoga classes, one to one yoga therapy, art classes, and baby massage classes. 

We endeavour to work closely with local social prescribers, voluntary organisations and charities to network, identify and access individuals and groups.