Wednesday League

5/3/2023:  Matches have been cancelled for tonight, course closed due to excessive amounts of rain.

Wednesday Night Men's League

If you are interested in signing up, please click the link below.  If you have a partner already that is great, if not we will do our best to find you a partner to play.

Sign up here

Welcome to the Wednesday Night League Webpage.  On this page you will see everything and anything you need to know about the players, teams for the 2023 league.  

New items for this season:

Matchplay Modified Scoring:

Attendance:  1 point total (0.5 points per player that shows up for the match).

Match hole wins:  1 point will be given to each hole that is won by a team.  If the hole is tied, no points will be awarded.  

Overall team net score:  at the end of the match, your team net score will be converted into points from the modified scoring format.  Your score will be within a range and it can be awarded points from 1-12 points. (see scoring page)

The total points for each week will be added together:

(Attendance points) + (match holes won) + (net score points) = weekly points. 

Individual Points Champion:

Each week your score will be converted into points for an additional contest.  This contest does not affect any of the league play, it is just another fun competition.  

Lateral Hazard, Ghost Score & Double Par:

Since we are going to a hybrid match play this year, only 1 score (lowest) will be needed per team; therefore the need and purpose for the lateral hazard and double par score are no longer needed.  Also, since a single player can still compete against the other team, a ghost score for their partner is also no longer needed.   

Weekly mini-games:

You have spoken and I listened, LONG DRIVE will no longer be one of the mini games.  The other games will still be offered and there will be 2 holes per side that have a mini game.  Every player has already been entered and has a chance to win each time!  Good luck!

Getting ready for the season:

Team sign up:

Please sign your team up here.  Last year we had 17 teams, I am hoping that we have that many and even more this year.  This sheet will be shared with the members of the league so they can contact other teams for matches.  

Player fees:

The league fee will be $65 again for the season.  Just like last year, your league fee will pay for the end of the year banquet, mini games each week and prizes.


Once again a GHIN # will be required for the league.  I will be checking the GHIN for updates each month.  It is the responsibility of the players to update their GHIN each week.  For those players that enter their GHIN through their phones, GHIN has made an option to play with GPS/ Games.  Match Play Net, Match Play Gross, Keep score for Group, or Keep my score.  If you select either match play, it will calculate the match winner; if you keep score for the group it will record their score for them.  Interested to see how these features can assist us during the season.


Once again we will be using 100% of your 9-hole HCP.  The strokes will be rounded to the nearest whole number and then applied to the holes in order of difficulty.  TBD whether or not we mark every stroke or just off the lowest playing handicap- if we do off the lowest handicapped player then the GHIN app will have exactly the same scores and strokes.

Scorecards for 2023:

Since we are reducing the amount of data collected, each match will be on (1) scorecard.  Each scorecard will be pre-made with strokes per player.  Once you have finished recording the match, place the cards in the Wednesday League box.  I will collect them at the end of the night and enter them the following day.  

Player Meeting:

Right now the first meeting of the season will be 4/12/23 @ 5:30 PM.  We will meet at the course in the bar section of the club house.  Please bring your check or cash for the league fees that night.  

Opening 4-man Scramble:

Just like we did last year, we will begin with a pre-season 4-man scramble.  Each team will place their name in the hat and draw randomly.  The cost of the optional scramble is $10 due at the course the day of the event.  We will start the match at 4:00 PM, teams and money will be collected at 3:30 PM.  Prizes will be paid out at the conclusion of the match (1st, 2nd & 3rd place).

Week 1:  5/3/2023

As of right now week 1 will be May 3, 2023.  If the course is delayed in opening or we cannot start that day, we will adjust the schedule from there.

Special Optional Tournaments:

Last year we added special tournaments during the holiday weeks throughout the summer.  We will once again do the tournaments, the dates are 4/26, 7/5, 9/6 and 10/4.


Playoffs last year were amazing!  All the teams played well and it came down to only a few strokes to determine 1st-4th place.  We will once again have the same format; 1st half top 3 teams qualify; 2nd half top 3 teams (no repeats) will play on 9/27/23 to deterine the league champions.  

Wednesday Night League Website:

Again we will use the website for all your information and sharing of results.  Below is a QR code that will take you directly to the website.  Even though the schedule is listed already on the website, please know this is subject to change if we have reduced or increased amounts of teams.  I will also print a final schedule and post it in the clubhouse.  

Contact:   Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or ideas for the website.   Email:  Bill Knopf