Keeping Your Business Going

Keeping Your Momentum

         If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already done a lot to be proud of. Now you just have to keep up the good work until you have a consistently full schedule. Continue to second shoot and network whenever possible. When you see friends, coworkers, and family announce an engagement, start a conversation about your photography services. Keep active in the photography groups on Facebook and reply to referral requests as frequently as possible. Continue to do cheaper gigs as a way to build a raving fan base to drive more referrals your way.

         Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged throughout the process. Everyone starting out is coming from the same place of uncertainty. Through every step in this guide, you will learn and gain the confidence needed to run the show. The wedding business is a lot of fun and is incredibly rewarding when you experience the excitement of a couple receiving the photos that you captured of one of the best days of their lives.

         I truly hope that this guide is able to help people in their photography journey. These are the exact steps that I took to build a successful wedding photography business and jump start my career as a commercial photographer. I wish you all the best, good luck, and happy shooting!