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[Wecelium Wellness Weekender - April 19-20, 2024]

Building Together

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No cost to access the network
during testing & launch phase

Our focus area during initial launch
is small gatherings & events
in the PNW (Washington State) 


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Sharing food, ideas, needs

Wecelium Organizers Dinner, 9/18/22
@ White Lotus Farm, Chimacum WA

The newly formed Wecelium network is a system based on learning from the mycelium networks found in nature.  These networks help share resources amongst trees and other plants in the ecosystem. 

Our mission is ever evolving and growing but in it's essence, we aim to support organizers and community weavers to produce events, workshops, small festivals and more.  The system may eventually expand to allow for improved sharing of houses and land as well.  

Please use the form to sign up or get involved. If needed you can also contact us via wecelium at gmail dot com