WE C Business- Woman Entrepreneur Creating Business - is all about empowering young entrepreneurs and creating an opportunity where young women aged 18-25, who are interested in both business and international networks, can work together. WE C Business will train your entrepreneurial skills, test your ideas and learn more about entrepreneurship and international business. You will also build a network with other entrepreneurs from central Baltic regions, meet the differences between the countries and regions and learn from each other. 

When you are a part of WE C Business you will, together with your international team, develop your a business idea and take your company to the next level.  

WE C Business cycle 1 is currently running but you can apply for cycle 2 now, which starts on May 23rd!

We will start on May the 23rd with the 4 day kick-off event in Estonia! Here you get to meet all 75 participants, and besides from networking you will attend lectures and workshops around shaping a business idea and starting your own company. During this event you will also be divided into smaller development groups that will bring your business ideas forward. 

In the next 6 months, May-November you will meet your development group once a month and have access to knowledgeable advisors. You will also attend online training modules, all with topics that are relevant when starting a business. Now you’re equipped to run your business successfully! 

We will end this process with 4 day Kick-out event in Sweden! During this event we will exchange experiences and presentations of what happened during the project period for each development group and participant.

All transport, accommodation and catering costs will be covered by the project partners; registration for participants is free of charge!