What is SEO

Marketing a website isn’t the easiest task to manage, especially when search engines like to keep on top of their game to ensure that the right sites reach the top – and a range of so-called experts using underhanded tricks to help unsavoury companies to look good. The right development can really increase a website’s popularity, but what is SEO and how can it help?

Search engine optimisation

With certain tweaks and adjustments, a website can go from falling short of the mark to hitting the high notes. Reaching the right audience should be a number one priority for those hoping to increase their ROI (return on investment) and optimisation is one of the leading methods used to do just that.

Making the most out of keywords

Google will look at the keywords used in a range of areas to deem what a website is used for and what it offers to those visiting. A good expert will be able to define the right keywords for your niche and advise you on where to place them (or they will place them for you) to maximise your site’s potential. There isn’t a rule as such, but more of a magic combination that shows search engines just how relevant your website is to your ideal clientele.

Healthy backlinks

An SEO expert will be able to provide your website with a range of healthy backlinks that will help to reinforce your credibility. These are typically real websites in your general niche that can add another layer of relevance to those who wish to access the products or services that you have to offer. Fake links or those that are deemed inappropriate could see your website delisted entirely; and a good expert will be sure to apply only the best practices where ever possible.