Web Design Tips

Having a great looking website is an amazing way to showcase your goods and services – but having a functional platform will really take it to the next level. With user needs changing almost daily, not to mention those of the search engines that determine your relevance, having a great website is more important now than ever before.

Maximising your reach through your website

Changing your website to suit your niche and your users’ needs can really make a difference, so here are some great web design tips and tricks to increase your potential.


Of course your website needs to be functional, but have you thought about just how useful your current layout is? Hyperlinks, drop-down menus and buttons are a great way to help users to navigate your website more easily; especially if you have lots of pages, products, or services on offer. By the same token, adding live-chat services or even quick order, quick quote, or quick contact pages/ boxes can really increase user engagement.


The look of your website undoubtedly matches what it is that you offer, but creating a theme can help to tie the whole thing together. Try to keep a colour palette throughout to cement branding (i.e. use the same colours for your logo as your social media buttons) and keep imagery in the same vein. If you offer plumbing services for example, it won’t make sense to use pictures of elephants – but it will benefit you to keep your images relating to pipework and tools, as opposed to a random selection of pictures of water.