Wearable Tech



The use of wearable smart technology will increase and become more prominent in fields like medicine and the military.

How will wearable technology be used....

...in 1 year?

  • "Exosuit" technology will be utilized in the military, at least for foot and leg assistance

...in 5 years?

  • Smart clothing will be well-known and will appear in advertisements and some stores. Exosuits will be used in combat.

...in 10 years?

  • Smart clothing will be common to use for convenience and injury prevention/recovery.

Societal Impact

The increase of wearable technology will affect different aspects of technology in different ways. The exosuit technology in the military will revolutionize the way wars are fought. As the trend of increasing use of technology in warfare increases and exosuits are implemented, war will become even less about the skills or even number of the soldiers and more about who has the most advanced exosuits and other technology. While this could pose privacy concerns with the amount of data produced by wearables, it will also have a benefit as it will enable people to monitor their own health and foresee health problems, and provide joint support/protection to people who need it.

Powerpoint Presentation:

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