There are five built-in playlists which are auto-populated:

    • New: All new episodes (ordered by date)

    • Latest: The latest episodes of all your podcasts (ordered by date)

    • Local: Custom audio files (see below)

    • In Progress: All episodes not finished (ordered by saved position, latest at the top)

    • Downloads: All downloaded episodes

You can add custom playlists through the phone or watch app and reorder or hide playlists in the Playlist settings (see below).


You can upload custom audio files to any these folders on your watch (requires accepting the "Manage Files" permission on your watch):



/sdcard/AudioBooks (if available)

A playlist will be created called "Local" containing the files in those folders (Restart the app if it is not visible after adding files).

You can also use the phone app to send custom audio files to your watch (one file at a time). Due to transfer limits between the phone and watch, it is not recommended to send large files with the phone app (> 20 MB). Manually upload large files to one of the folders above. Files sent using the phone app can also be played on the phone.

Starting with WearOS 3, manually uploaded files (not using phone app) must be also manually deleted off the watch.


In the phone settings you can enter a list of keywords (comma separated). Any episode that contain a keyword will be added to a selected playlist. Selecting the "Downloads" playlist will auto-download that episode. You can also monitor your Watch List podcasts for keywords.

Warning: Selecting the "Downloads" playlists or enabling the auto-download setting may result in a large number of downloads at once depending on your keywords.

The keywords "Auto-download" setting has priority over the "Auto-download" setting in the watch app (Settings -> Downloads) for the playlist you select for keywords. For example, if you select a playlist called "Keywords" and disable auto-downloading for keywords but enable auto-downloading in the watch app, any episode you manually add to the "Keywords" playlist will not be auto-downloaded. This is to avoid potentially downloading a large number of episodes at a once. The best practice is to have a dedicated playlist for keyword episodes.


By default, your watch uses your phone's Internet connection over Bluetooth. Downloading over Bluetooth can be very slow and even timeout. Wear Casts allows you to auto-disable Bluetooth and download over WiFi or cellular which is much faster and more reliable. Once downloading is complete, Bluetooth will re-enable itself.


The Watch List is a collection of podcasts you can monitor before subscribing to them on your watch. You can send individual episodes to your watch or assign them to a playlist.

PODCAST SETTINGS (long-press on podcast)

  • Auto-Download: Downloads the latest episodes to your watch for offline playback

  • Download Number: Select the number of episodes to auto-download if you want more then the latest

  • Auto-Delete Number: Select the number of episodes to auto-delete. If you auto-download 4 episodes but want 2 to auto-delete if you don't listen to them

  • Sort By: The order of episodes (overrides global setting)

  • Playback Speed: Speed of playback (overrides global setting)

  • Number of Episodes: Number of episodes to display (overrides global setting)

  • Assign to Playlist: Automatically assigned new episodes to a playlist

  • Start At: Select a time where episodes will start if you want to skip intros

  • Notification: If disabled, this podcast will be excluded from the new episodes notification



  • Theme: Select the app's theme

  • Header Color: Changes the header color for both phone and watch app

  • 'Home Screen': The screen that is displayed when the app opens (both phone and watch)

  • Tile Screen: The screen displayed in the Tile

  • Disable Dynamic Text Color: Disables the text color change for the "Default" theme

  • Show Downloads Only: Only downloaded episodes will show in playlists and episode lists

  • Disable Ambient Mode: Disables app's custom low-power display when the app is idle

  • Ambient Progress Color: The color of the progress indicator on the ambient screen

  • Hide Paging Indicator: Hides the paging indicator


  • Sort By: The order of podcasts

  • Hide Podcasts: Only show podcasts with new episodes


  • Number: The number of episodes to display

  • Sort By: Sort order of episodes

  • Hide Played: Do not show played episodes in the list

  • Left Swipe Action: The action that occurs when swiping left on an episode

  • Auto-Center: Display the episode playing when opening a playlist or an podcast's episode list

  • Mark Played: Mark an episode as finished when manually skipping


  • Organize Playlists: Add, sort, rename, and delete playlists. Note: the 'New' playlist cannot be removed because it is only shown if it there are new episodes.

  • Hide Empty Playlists: Hide playlists with no episodes. "New" and "Local" are automatically hidden when they have no episodes/files

  • Remove Episodes: Automatically remove an episode from all playlists when it is completed or marked played

  • Custom Playlists Sort Order: The order of episodes in user created playlists

  • 'Downloads' Sort Order: The order of episodes in the "Downloads" playlists. "New" and "Latest" playlists are set to order by date and "In Progress" is ordered by the saved position. These can't be changed.


  • Enable Updates: Enable/disables background updates for new episodes

  • Update Interval: The time between updates

  • Update While Charging: Only run background updates when the device is charging

  • Update on Wi-Fi: Only run background updates when the device is on Wi-Fi

  • Update on Startup: Check for new episodes whenever the app starts

  • Disable Bluetooth: Auto-disable Bluetooth when checking for new episodes (for faster updates)


  • Auto Delete: When to automatically delete downloaded episodes

  • Disable Bluetooth: Automatically disable Bluetooth before downloading episodes (see above for details)

  • Automatically Connect to Available Network: When disabling Bluetooth, do not show a dialog when a connection isn't available. The app will try to connect to an available Wi-Fi or cellular connection automatically

  • Download Notification: Display a status notification when downloads complete

  • Auto-Download Episodes: Episodes assigned to a playlist will download automatically during the next background update

  • Re-download any missing downloads: Any episodes with missing downloads will be automatically re-downloaded

  • Re-download Bluetooth: Do not disable Bluetooth when re-downloading missing episodes

  • Play Sound: Play a confirmation sound when downloads finish


  • Global Playback Speed: The playback speed for all podcast (can be overridden per podcast)

  • Skip Back: The number of seconds to skip back in an episode

  • Skip Forward: The number of seconds to skip forward in an episode

  • Sleep Timer: The number of minutes to automatically stop playback

  • Auto-Start Playback: When selecting an episode start playback automatically

  • Auto-Start Downloads: If Auto Start Playback is enabled, only downloaded episodes will auto-start

  • Alternate Controls: Switches 'skip forward' with 'fast forward' and 'skip back' with 'rewind'. Useful for customizing Bluetooth headset commands.

  • Default Volume Level: Set a percentage of the max volume when the app first starts

  • Bottom Button Actions: If your watch has more than one hardware button you can customize the bottom button action (Wear Casts must be open for this to work. Not all watches support this functionality)


  • Sort By: The order of local files

  • Playback Speed: Set the playback speed for local files (override global)

  • Save Position: Save the position of local files (disable for music)

  • Auto-Delete On Finish: Automatically remove files when they complete

  • Auto-Delete: Automatically remove files when skipping

  • Show Transfer Indicator: Display an icon in the list for files uploaded with the phone app. Only files uploaded with the phone app can also be played on the phone and deleted using the app (in WearOS 3.0 and above).