Teaching philosophy

Field as a classroom

Earth Science Adolescence Education students hunting for 'diamonds' in Herkimer, NY.

Integrating research techniques with teaching

Emily Guest imaging petrographic textures using field emission scanning electron microscope at UB (University at Buffalo).

Interactive learning

'Trashcan volcano' demonstration for the Planet Earth class in front of the Science Center at Fredonia.

Courses Taught

SUNY Fredonia

GEO 160 Blue Planet (Fall 2018)

GEO 165 Planet Earth (2 sessions) (Fall 2018)

GEO 215 Earth Materials (Fall 2017, 2020)

GEO 370 Structural Geology (Spring 2018, 2020)

GEO 410 Directed Study (Spring 2018, 2019, Fall 2018, 2019, 2020)

GEO 411 Mineralogy (Fall 2017, 2019)

GEO 421 Petrology (Spring 2018, 2020)

University of Iowa

EES:1030 Introduction to Earth Science (Summer 2016)