When Dc current is passed through water it makes gas (water gas or Browns gas or ) 1 liter of water can make 2039 liters of Momotomic Hydrogen gas with an expansion ratio of 1729/1, when exploded with a spark it turns back into the same amount of water that made the gas to start with so its recyclable, Transfusable, and when circulated in as sealed loop you keep all of the fuel when circulated with a gas thats noble will not change state when combined with fuel elements but expands and contracts with temperature.. Combustion temperatures start at 6,000 degC and go to 600,000 degC  . the input to make the gas is only 6 watts/ 12v / 40 amps to produce over 34000 kW this is 2 watt hours which is over unity its all correct if you take the effort to work it out.