Thank you so much for taking on the role as Art Volunteer in our Washington Elementary community.  This website is a resource to help support you in your role. 

1. A place to find the answers to questions you may have about being an art volunteer. 

2. A place to Sign Up for Open Volunteer Spots in Your Class (click on your grade to access dates and contact info for other volunteers)

3. A place to get ideas for weekly art projects.

4. A place to gather and store ideas for the use of the community in the future. 

5. A place to communicate with one another. 

Check back here frequently for any updates and announcements. 

If you feel this site is missing anything or have a question please let the Art Team know at artparentsofwashington@gmail.com

Follow the PTA Instagram for updates as well! @washingtonptaboise

Need Supplies? 

(Either for a specific project or for the art closet as a whole)  

Use the QR code or go to https://bit.ly/washartsupplies and fill out the form.   

A few instructions: 

1. Please allow 5 days lead time, if we have less than 5 days notice, we can't guarantee we can get the supplies to you in time.  (For large orders or very specific items that may be difficult to find, please allow more time, at least 7-10 days)

2. Please make sure to provide the best way to contact you, this is how we will let you know when the art supplies are ready and available.

3. If you have leftover supplies from your project, please put them away in the designated areas in the art closet.  If there is not a designated area for your item, please leave them on the shelf labeled "Leftover Art Project Supplies" in the art room and we will organize items accordingly. 

Have an idea for a project?  Here's the Project form!  

Please download and send to artparentsofwashington@gmail.com when done, it's fillable!

ART PARENT Project Proposal Form (1).pdf

Need Reimbursement for Art Supplies you bought?  Here's the PTA reimbursement form! 

When completed send it to us at artparentsofwashington@gmail.com and we will process, please allow 30-60 days for processing

Reiumbursement form BPSF FND01 Check Request - Rev. 7-16-19.pdf

If you need help with art coordination or supplies please see the Contact Us page.