Car Wash Full Service Packages

A "car wash" is near me Middletown NY on Dolson ? Google search says: What is FULL SERVICE Car Washing? Full Service Customers want a clean car in Middletown NY for a reasonable price in a short amount of time. If you value a clean interior and exterior and wish to always keep your car well maintained, this is for you. When we give you full service we wipe or vacuum the items below depending upon your choice. We spend about 7 minutes on the Gold package after the car wash and about 12 minutes on the Platinum package. Usually there is two or three technicians assigned to the work. Tips are a good way to thank or encourage the hard working people who do the dirty work! Its not an easy job, they have more cars coming. But to do it yourself requires a lot of flexibility, work, preparation, tools, chemicals, equipment, set up and clean up, sweat, and time - time is the main thing. To do it as well as these people do in minutes is probably not worth your time. Busy professionals such as attorneys, accountants, architects, real estate, business managers, executives, people who are past the dirty work desire and professional sales people choose full service because it saves them time and allows them to do something else.

Time and effort - if your time is valuable then joining our full service program can save you money as well.

A full service is not a Detail, a detail by industry definitions entails much more time and effort. We offer detailing if your vehicle needs it. Perhaps once a year is suggested, but if you have a full service performed regularly you will probably rarely need a detail. When a car gets too dirty, the dirt gets embedded into the fabric and leather or plastics and that requires much more work. A detail also includes polishing the paint with clay, polishing machines, special stages of micro polishing materials, paste waxes, sealants, and rubber treatments. If your car has stains ask us how we can remove them.

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