Car Wash Express Packages

Express means just that, as you exit an express car wash you are back on the road right away. There is no employee to take time hand drying your car or vacuuming your interior, cleaning your dash, Armorall/ Simoniz matt finish the console, or any of the express detailing type labor your can buy with a full service wash. Express car wash in Middletown NY is for a quick exterior cleaning for people on the go who have no time and need to get back on I84 or Rt 17m. Our express packages are very competitive however our equipment produces a much shinier finish and we use a drying wax with the Speeder, Indy, and The Formula includes a "Hot Wax" carnuba which chemically attaches to the surfaces that you will notice the depth of color and water beading protection. (While "foaming" waxes are an impressive show - the bubbles are just air pockets that limit the actual amount of wax molecules available to stick to the paint - think of ice cream with lots of air bubbles in it versus high quality ice cream that has less air en-trained)