Wasatch PEAK improves the quality of life for individuals with special needs by facilitating recreational, educational, and employment opportunities that would not otherwise be available. 

What we've done

PEAK is an indepentently organized non-profit organization with 501c3 status.  We have created a bridge between parents and our school district to give parents of kids with all abilities a voice in SPED programming. Teachers support parents and parents support teachers.  When this happens students receive the support they need.  It's a win-win-win.  We have also raised thousands of dollars to help fund underfunded programs for kids of all abilities, particularly preschool and post-high.  We've worked with adaptive organizations to create opportunities for those with special needs to recreate in meaningful and exciting ways.   

Accessible Van

PEAK raised $40,000 to purchase an accessible van to donate to the Wasatch County School District. The goal of the vehicle is to create more opportunities for classrooms and the post-high program to get into the community for recreation, practicing important life skills, job exploration and training, along with patronizing local businesses.  


PEAK works to bridge a gap that sometimes exists in getting involved in recreation programs at the National Abilities Center. Life is beyond busy with appointments, IEP meetings, work, etc. It becomes challenging to schedule one more thing into our already-bursting-at-the-seams days. PEAK helps take care of that scheduling for you to get your child involved in select programs. Our donors and fundraising efforts curtail the cost of cycling, alpine skiing, equestrian, rock climbing, etc. These programs include coaching and equipment at a very low cost to the participant's family. This gives our kids a chance to be exposed to and become involved in recreation that can help free their minds and bodies from the rigors required of them on the daily. To quote my daughter's pediatrician as we were discussing the benefits for both mind and body of the NAC, "You can't put a price on that." Fortunately, because of PEAK's fundraising efforts, we are able to put a price on it. A very low price.


The School of Hard Knocks is an education that our kids are often well acquainted with at a young age due to health concerns and/or developmental delays. It is our hope that their formal education experience is not filled with hard knocks. We desire an environment of inclusion that allows for learning at the highest level. Learning literacy and life skills while teaching compassion, patience, and fostering meaningful friendships are all a focus. Through our fundraising efforts we have been able to provide tangible monetary support for each of the classrooms in the district. PEAK has also made scholarships available to our special education students to assist in their next step after high school.


We've all been to a restaurant where the waiter we had knew the very moment we needed our drink refilled. Or we've had a pharmacist who knows our name and makes us smile and laugh at the point that our sniffles have almost gotten the best of us. We all have unique talents and skill sets. Some of which translate into the work environment. Having others recognize the need for our specific skill set is something most of us want and need. A goal of PEAK parents is to help the community recognize the value and place our children, who will one day be adults, have in our community. We all have something to give and gain from each other. The teachers at the transition college at Wasatch High School are working with our students to help discover strengths that will assist them in gaining marketable skills for future jobs. They are also working hand-in-hand with businesses in the community to create opportunities to use these skills in internships and jobs. PEAK is working to better understand this process and ways we can proactively be involved in helping the residents of our valley see the strengths of our kids and the need to include them in all aspects of our community.