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PEAK was born through of the vision of a SPED Director who wanted to:




Who we are

Are you old enough to know the lyrics to James Taylor's song "You've Got a Friend"? If not, look them up. If so, think of these lyrics playing in the background of our meetings and know that this group of parents "get it". We understand that every day is filled with more than is possible to do, and then you get a call from the office of the specialist you have been waiting to get your child in to see for months. They've had an opening come up...at the exact same time as your other child's special school presentation. We understand that you got 2 hours of sleep the night before because your child's oxygen levels kept dropping and you had to take him to the ER...at midnight. We get it when we see you waiting out a complete tantrum in the middle of the grocery store and you don't need a snooty stare or a "can't she get her child under control" muttered under breath by strangers.  What you need are empathetic eyes and a "you are doing a great job momma" softly spoken. We know that calls to speak with insurance about the denial you received for a necessary procedure, or the paperwork...all the dreaded paperwork sucks more time from your life than you want to think about. We also understand the beauty of celebrating the milestones that come later than expected, the gratitude for teachers and therapists who put heart into their work, and the longing for a true friend to love and watch out for your child. There is a bond and support that grows quickly among us because we get it. So, if you can't make it to a meeting last minute. Or meetings aren't a possibility and you want to join with us to contribute in other ways, we get it. 

We adapt. It's kind of our thing. 

There are a myriad of ways to participate.  If you have any interest in joining us, don't hesitate to reach out.  We want and need what you have to offer.  Email us at wasatchpeakparents@gmail.com

Becky Phillips

Board Chair

Erin Sabey

Board Vice Chair

Abby Hendricks

Finance Chair 


Our sponsors are the lifeblood of our funding.  

Our gratitude for their generosity and willingness to give back runs deep. 

Community Partners

Organizations that support our cause and deeply care about access

to the community for the students, families, and educators we serve. 

Our hearts feel gratitude for our community partners on the daily.