However long the night, the dawn will break.

For thousands of years the war between The Children of the Light and the Animal Clans has raged on.

The clans were once common wild animals, until the day the humans began experimenting with the now lost craft of uplifting. The beasts became like men, yet they were never accepted as such.

The humans have long since abandoned any attempts at hybridization and tampering with the laws of nature. They now strive for self-improvement. Peak discipline of both body and soul is the highest goal one can achieve, virtues that are highly sought after in the Army of Light that daily defend society against the army of ferocious beasts that draw ever nearer their lands.

A simple peasant girl named Chara, eager to fight for the Light, is accepted into the army. But her dreams of status and glory are soon shattered as she gets captured by the Animal Clans during her first battle. Among them she discovers that not all is as she had been taught, and she soon finds herself at the center of a revolution that will change both worlds forever.

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