Joshua Warren Media

Joshua Warren (right). Photo: © Kornelius Kiil Enoksen.

This is the official website for Joshua Warren; a Norwegian-based author & filmmaker. 

Joshua Warren has been fascinated by art and storytelling his entire life. As a child he spent most of his free time either drawing, writing or making amateur short films with his schoolmates. He later studied English & American Literature for a while, but decided that he'd much rather pick his own books to read for inspiration. He has since written, produced and directed several short films, both in the UK and in Norway. In 2020 he wrote and published his first novel.



A Fantasy short film inspired by the myths of the Viking Age.

CAST: Thor Rosland (The Beard Struggle),
Vegard Heggelund & Helen Sertsu. 

Written, Produced & Directed by Joshua Warren.

Photo: © Kornelius Kiil Enoksen.

To end a war a misfit soldier must first learn to understand the enemy...

An epic novel about a young woman caught in a thousand year war between man and beast. Will she be the savior or the destroyer of worlds?

Chara, a simple peasant girl, is accepted into the Army of Light—the guardians of civilizationagainst the hordes of ravenous beasts that draw ever nearer their lands.  

But her dreams of status and glory are soon shattered when she is captured by the Animal Clans in battle. Among them she discovers that the war is not as she has been taught, and she soon finds herself at the center of a revolution that will change both worlds forever.

Available on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99
Also available in Paperback for $10.99


A science fiction short film co-produced with the London Film Academy.

CAST: Perry Jaques (Coronation Street, Ragdoll),
Anthony Monaghan & Matt Williams. 

Written & Directed by Joshua Warren.