"“Keep her safe..” is a major accomplishment for Wan-Chao. It is a haunting piece....Chang succeeds as an innovator of fusion forms and as a performer. Her dancing is clear, subtly nuanced and well executed."

"Wan-Chao is at the forefront of this promising new genre [Ethno-Contemporary Dance]"

"...the graceful arms and gestures of Wan Chao Chang illustrated the narration via silhouette, torso reclining, swaying in memory, compliant, yearning;...Wan Chao emerged once or twice, moving with her characteristic slender grace."

~Renee Renouf, Magazine, 2010

"...Whatever the origin, Chang’s performance was distinctive, graceful and gently persuasive."

"A trio of women in white danced an impeccably synchronized choreography of glances and head gestures. Choreographed by Wan-Chao Chang whose extensive cross-cultural training includes Balinese dance and music, There was like something that Ruth St. Denis dreamed of making but lacked the technical training to manifest. The work recalled a women's Modern dance chorus from the 1920's or 30's updated with deeply embodied non-Western movement that could only be possible with the cultural migrations and fusions of the past thirty years."

~Keith Hennessy,, 2008

"Long, sheer, and white head scarves and skirts lent a visually pleasing presence..."