Walker Family History

Descent / family trees

Descent trees, Part 1 and 2

    • Part 1 contains nine generations of Walker families, from 1468 to 1779, living in Gildersome, Batley, Birstall and Liversedge, Yorkshire, England

    • Part 2 begins with the Quaker marriage of Robert Walker of Gildersome near Leeds, Yorkshire to Rachel Spence of Darley in 1779. They and their descendents lived within the small Quaker community known then as "Netherdale Monthly Meeting" in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England and in which the Walker family played a part for over 150 years

    • Detailed biographies follow for Robert and Rachel Walker plus eight families and seven individual who were their descendents, also links to photographs of their houses, farms and other properties associated with the Walkers.

Part 2 leads to further Walker descent lines (4) and families (6) in England. Also Australia (3), Canada (1) and New York (11) from the above mentioned families

You can also view the family tree as a PDF of all the tree charts or an an interactive tree (some decent lines only)


Several hundred biographies have been written - mostly by Richard Walker and Bud Walker - over the past 25 years. Some of these have been digitized on this site.

Use the biography index to search for a biography by name or date range.


This section of the site provides context and history to the lives of the Walker family. The articles cover broader subjects - often covering multiple generations - than can be provided in an individual's biography.

Use the article index to discover papers that have been written and published about the Walker family, including:

  • Darley graves - Photos of the Quaker Meeting House, grave stones with details, plan and list of burials, link to a map of Darley showing the Meeting House and a Burial ground photo

  • Ackworth School - a photo of the school and a list of Walker family scholars from Nidderdale

  • Quaker education - photos of other Quaker schools attended by the family with lists of named scholars from Nidderdale.

  • Walker marriages - a list of marriages within Nidderdale M.M.including dates of marriage, names of parents and abodes.

  • Walker deaths - a list of deaths, dates and burial places in Nidderdale.

  • Louisa's letter, 1900 - in August 1900 Louisa Walker accompanied her Aunt Maria Walker of York for a day in Darley. Maria showed her the "sights / sites". The Quaker Meeting House, all the houses associated with the Walker family both in Darley and Birstwith and spoke at length of a time some 20 to 40 years past. Louisa wrote this letter in extraordinary detail to her family back in Canada.

  • Quakerism in Nidderdale - a brief history of the development of Quakerism in Nidderdale.

  • Photographs of the Clothiers trade - photographs showing the tools and scenes associated with the Clothiers trade.

  • Walker, the name - the origins of the Walker name