Vy Ngo

Graduate Research Assistant

Learning Sciences & Technologies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

I am a Master's student of the Learning Sciences & Technologies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, under Dr. Erin Ottmar. In 2015, I flew halfway around the world from Vietnam to attend college at Lawrence University (WI) and graduated in 2019 with a B.A. in Psychology and International Relations (minor: Economics). While my interest were broad, I have always been passionate about promoting equity and reducing gender gaps in education work environment.

After graduation, I worked at Dr. Ottmar's MAPLE Lab and participated in multiple projects focusing on the effects of technology on math education. Motivated to understand how instructional technologies can improve mathematics learning and teaching, and minimize the gender gaps in STEM fields, I became a Master's student at WPI in 2020 to further pursue my research interests.

Aside from my research life, I am always open to talk about traveling, bullet journaling, and all types of Asian desserts (both cooking and eating them!).

My Research Interests

My research interests focus on integrating the two fields of learning sciences and social psychology

Gender Equity

Technologies for Math