Victor Verdugo

Universidad de O'Higgins
Institute of Engineering Sciences

Avda. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 611, Rancagua, Chile7mo Piso, Campus Rancaguađź“Ş victor.verdugo at

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Engineering Sciences at the Universidad de O'Higgins (UOH) in Chile. Until very recently, I was a LSE fellow of the Department of Mathematics in the London School of Economics (LSE), as part of the Operations Research group. I'm also a research associate in the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM).


  • Our article "Breaking Symmetries to Rescue Sum of Squares in the case of Makespan Scheduling" (with J. Verschae and A. Wiese) has been accepted at Mathematical Programming.

  • Our article "Strong Algorithms for Matroid Secretary Problems" (with J. Soto and A. Turkieltaub) has been accepted at Mathematics of Operations Research.


I have a broad interest in theoretical computer science and operations research. I'm very enthusiastic about working on related questions from a basic perspective in operations research, computer science and economics, and other projects coming from applications in engineering and management. Recently, I'm exploring algorithmic and economic aspects of problematics arising from electoral representation and voting systems, fairness in goods allocation and dynamic interaction in networks and markets. I have previously worked on approximation algorithms via convex optimization techniques, noisy computation/estimation, and online optimization in the context of pricing and optimal stopping.


I'm currently leading the following projects:

  • Basic Research - Fondecyt Research Initiation Grant, Algorithmic Aspects of Representation: Allocation and Fairness, 2020-2022.

  • Applied Research - ESR Mineduc, Strategic Development of Tourism in the O'Higgins Region based on Mathematical and Data Modeling, 2020-2021.


I hold a joint PhD in Computer Science and Engineering Systems from École normale supérieure and Universidad de Chile (June 2018). During my thesis work I was part of the TALGO group at ENS and the ACGO group at UChile. I was very fortunate to be guided and advised by Jose Correa and Claire Mathieu.

I did my undergrad and MSc studies at UChile, in Mathematical Engineering and Operations Management.