The VfA VotING Champion Toolkit

the Challenge and the Opportunity

Approximately 9 million US citizens live overseas but not enough of them vote. It’s nowhere near the average 60% turnout for domestic voters - and that’s a low benchmark. Why?

  • Many don’t know they have a right to vote

  • Many don’t know how to vote from outside the USA

  • When they try to vote they find the process difficult, so they give up

Why is overseas voting important?

  • Turnout needs to increase to ensure the government does what people want - as long as turnout is low, our elected officials can ignore our issues

  • Overseas votes can make the difference: 1 in 25 Congressional races is decided by a margin equivalent to the average number of overseas voters in that district

Become a VFA Voting Champion!

Most overseas citizens don't know these facts. Talking to your friends is the most important thing you can do to spread the word and make a difference. Become a VFA Voting Champion and we will give you ideas and tools to make this easy. You will be part of the Vote from Abroad campaign for the Great American Turnout of 2020: Mobilizing Overseas Voters. Please join us!

The VFA Voting Champion initiative provides resources and support to US citizens
who wish to encourage their fellow citizens to vote in US elections