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VOICE has endorsed TIM THOMAS for Oak Park Township.

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Your local taxes: Fairness, equity, and transparency

now available to view on YouTube

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWl2-hC1keM&list=PLE_Lz6RpEzNqkB8wDD7gQpEz_Xa5rI1jt&index=1 )

Whether you are a baffled taxpayer or a tax policy wonk (or both!), if you are concerned about how your local taxes work, how they got that way, and what the consequences are, you’ll want to see this online forum, sponsored by VOICE Oak Park, held on September 17.

In Part 1, Mr. ElSaffar provides lots of revealing information about what’s happened with Oak Park taxes over the years and why, and about who needs to do what to improve the affordability crunch. In Part 2, Mr. Kaegi explains how he and his staff are reforming the way property tax assessments are done, why those reforms are needed, and how those changes will affect individuals and businesses here. Part 3 is a Q&A in which Mr. ElSaffar and Mr. Kaegi field questions from four panelists with different areas of expertise and from the audience about how property taxes fit in with other taxes and fees with respect to fairness, equity, and transparency and how that affects the lives of of Oak Parkers in different situations (renters, homeowners, business owners, commercial properties...).

You’ll find descriptions below each of the three videos that include introductions that tell you who the speakers and panelists are. To see them, click READ MORE.

Novice or maven, you’ll be much better informed about your local taxes and what to do about them.

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