Working to give Oak Park citizens a

greater voice in what happens in our village

Recent news coverage of VOICE:

Tribune / Oak Leaves article

Wednesday Journal article

(One adjustment to this Wednesday Journal report: Rather than running its own slate of candidates in the April 19th local elections, we plan to endorse and support candidates who will best work to further the core values behind VOICE. Read further down this page for a statement of VOICE values.

Our next public event:

A Day in Our Village

Sunday June 3, Scoville Park (Lake St. at Oak Park Ave.)

11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We will need help creating and staffing our booth there. Please contact Josh at to participate.

VOICE Oak Park had an excellent first public meeting, including two current and two former Trustees, as well as a very diverse group of residents.

Issues of diversity, integration, racial equity, appropriate development, and affordability (especially with regard to taxes) emerged as major themes at the meeting, along with the importance of restoring inclusive, transparent, and democratic processes in Village government.

Use the "VOICE of Oak Park" Facebook page to contribute the comments you wish you had made at the meeting, or to reiterate the comments you did make at the meeting.

Who we are

VOICE is a coalition of Oak Park citizens concerned about the future of our Village.

Our mission is to restore Oak Parkers’ faith that Village leaders are making decisions openly and democratically, for the present and future good of the whole community.

Our vision is Village government that is transparent, inclusive, accountable, and democratic.

What we stand for

  • Restore democracy in Village government: Decision making must be open, transparent, and responsive to the voices of Oak Park citizens.
  • Make Oak Park affordable for all types of residents: Control costs and taxes while also supporting the racial, ethnic, and economic diversity of which Oak Park is proud.
  • Build a better Village, not just a bigger one: Development must be planned and controlled, with respect for its neighbors and for the unique character of our Village.
  • Create economic diversity: Think outside the big box, prioritizing local businesses and attracting a wider range of jobs and companies to locate in Oak Park.
  • Protect Oak Park’s environment: Enhance the Village’s parks, trees and green spaces and promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

We work to promote these values and to support current and future Village leaders who uphold them.

For more information, contact Josh Klayman at