About VLSI Society of India

The VLSI Society of India was started during the early days of the semiconductor industry to make India a force to reckon with in the field of VLSI Design & Semiconductors. Couple of Visionaries, Prof. Vishwani Agrawal, Dr. A Prabhakar, Prof. Mahabala & Prof. Jacob Abraham got together in 1984 with other academicians and technology leaders to start VLSI Society of India. Over the course of 38 years, VLSI Society of India has been successfully bringing the entire Semiconductor & VLSI  eco system technocrats and luminaries under one canopy through the global events like VLSID & VDAT with VLSI Design Conference becoming World’s largest platform for Semiconductor, VLSI & Embedded Systems. They are truly the technology growth drivers for the ecosystem creating strong Industry, Academia and Government connects across all the areas - Design, Research, Talent, Skilling and Start-ups. More than 100 Volunteers from industry, academia and government are working tirelessly to drive activities of VLSI Society of India for making “India a Semiconductor Product Nation”.