2021 Virtual Canoe Race

In an effort to support educators, parents, and guardians with students or youth in distance learning or wanting accessible STEM resources to support education, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and Green Amendments For the Generations are providing a 3-week free and abridged version of the Virtual Canoe Race. We will be holding the Spring 2021 Virtual Canoe Race from April 12th - May 5th, 2021. Click here for more details and to register.

Calling all young paddlers from around the nation! Are you ready for an adventure filled learning experience right from home?

Join the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and Green Amendments For The Generations for the Fall 2021 Virtual Canoe Race, an online education tool that offers information and activities on watershed geography, history, and science in a trivia contest format. Register now for Fall!

During the Virtual Canoe Race, participants learn about watersheds and test their knowledge — with the chance to win great prizes — as they compete with youth from around the nation. The Virtual Canoe Race teaches by focusing on the Delaware River Watershed, but is a great activity for students anywhere to learn about watersheds.

Starting on October 4th, 2021 and then every Monday for six weeks, ten questions about the Delaware River watershed and the Green Amendment movement will be posted under This Week’s Challenge. With every correct answer, participants will see their canoes travel down the virtual Delaware River. In addition, participants may gain bonus miles each week by answering additional questions or completing activities.

The Virtual Canoe Race is a fantastic way for students and youth to learn about watershed history, geography, biology, and ecology as a team. The design of the Race encourages critical thinking, problem solving, research skills, and teamwork in order to answer the questions correctly and paddle down the River towards the prize. Additionally, the Race only needs about an hour a week and is easy to add into an existing curriculum or build a unit around.

Registration is now open. Classrooms will have the option to either pay registration fees or fundraise the cost of registration. Registration for classrooms is $30 and for small groups/individuals is $20, but we are happy to work with classrooms and groups to gain sponsors to cover the costs.

Click here to see the overall race statistics. You must be logged in to see your progress.